Henry's Garden Shed

It's Henry's shed, we're all just living in it.

Hello everyone, My name is Henry, and welcome to
Henry's Garden Shed!

A little while ago, my favourite bucket sprung a leak, and once all the water poured out, I realised I didnt have anywhere to go. So I built this shed.
It wasnt long before I realised that there's lots of other people who feel like they have nowhere to go, so now I'm opening the shed to EVERYONE!

If you need a place to relax, maybe read a book, or build a birdhouse, then come on in.
Everybody's welcome!


This site was built by my good friend Dan, who recently fell down the Neocities rabbit hole. You'lll see him post a lot here too.



  • - added project to Workbench


  • - made the switch to ZoneLOTS


  • - added back button to Diary


  • - added ChangeLog
  • - added Nav Menu
  • - added Clickable Henry!
  • - fixed lots of formatting issues

Here are some of the things we've got planned...

  • - Craft projects, including work in progress pictures,
    and plans for you to follow along!
  • - Photography
  • - My Diary

And once Dan figures out html and CSS a bit more, we will be adding lots more...

  • - A GUESTBOOK (I can't wait to hear from you all!)
  • - A Visitor Counter (so we know how many visitors the shed gets when I'm not here!)
  • - A Toolkit (everything youll need both On and Off-line)

I miss my old bucket - Henry